So if I arranged a Appreciation Week for Georgie Henley how many would join? And by join I mean make their own gifset, photoset, graphic or other type of artwork.



breathedeepflyhigh asked:

hey do you know where the video of georgie in we will rock you is available? was it uploaded for free anywhere? (as in legally, I don't want to pirate it)

western-woods (she’s amazing and if you don’t follow her then you should consider it, she’s great) is the one who made the gifset, and she’s answered some questions about it

this was her first

where’d you get the video of Georgie in WWRY?


Youtube. I’ve given sent the link to different fansites so that they can report it directly and exclusively as they should. My guess is that you’ll have it within the hour.

and then her second

Can you give me the link to the video of Georgie in wwry? I can’t find it anywhere?


Sorry, but I gave the link to the major fansites and they decided not to report/share it, and therefore I am honouring that decision by not giving out the link to anyone else.

Sorry I can’t be any more help :(